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How the idea 'dresses for boys' was born

Joyce Dur - Little Prince Charming founder - dresses for boy's

My Mission

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About the Billie dress: The dress has arrived and I gave it to George yesterday! He absolutely loves it, it brought such a smile to his face and made him twirl and dance. Thank you 💙


To be honest with you, I find it even more beautiful, that women fight so that their clothes are available to everyone. You do it for your son but you also think of others, and frankly it is very rare!


I’ve been meaning to message and say, I love the concept for your page.

When my daughter was born I was so conscious of giving her options outside of pink outfits with stereotypical messaging. I wanted her to grow up knowing that clothes can be practical or an abstract way of showing creativity. But that whatever she wore it would be her choice.
When my son came along, the first time he reached for a tutu, I recall pausing, until I realised the very same messaging I was trying to teach Eva needed to apply to Brian as well. That by letting him chose what he enjoyed also solidified the message to Isla that colours and clothes have no gender. They’re about the same size in clothing, so I’ve stopped separating the clothes and they have one area for T-shirts, one for pants, jumpers etc and then hanging space for their dresses. It’s worked well in giving options.

Anyway, that was a very lengthy way of saying, I love your page and look forward to seeing what comes next.


Hi. I do love that your page (and products) have seemed to take off. I so admire you for making the issue of boys wearing "girl's" clothes a thing. I, as a boy, always wanted to dress in pretty clothes as girls did (i.e. dresses, skirts, blouses, tights, etc.). I love that you have allowed your kid/s to experience wearing pretty clothes, and having long hair. I was denied that as a boy, and always wanted to just be more feminine......if that makes sense. Thank you for being a great mom, and for recognizing that dresses, and other traditionally feminine clothes are appropriate for boys as well as girls. I just love your designs, and wish I could have worn such pretty things when I was younger. My Best, Pete.

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What sizes do we have? We covered age 1,5 to 7 years old for the first Winter collection. And 3 to 12 years in our fist Summer collection.

boy with braids and train - dresses for boy's -little prince charming

Do you have a son that looks past gender stereotypes?

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When will a collection be ready?

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Who designs your boy's clothes?

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Freedom of Dress

We stand for freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of dress

Frequently asked questions

Does wearing a dress by a boy change his sexuality?

No, wearing a dress doesn’t change his sexuality. Lots of studies approve that.

Who is wearing dresses for boys nowadays?

Look at celebrities like Adele, Megan Fox, Gven Stefani, they buy dresses for their kids. Brad Pitt, Jaden Smith, Billy Porter and many others are famous men who wear dresses. Maybe even your neighbor wants to buy a dress for his son, but he is afraid of what you’ll think about that.

What if his friends start bullying him?

If he has such friends, you may ask him not to wear his dress when they are around. Our society becomes more tolerant of such things today.

What if I just buy a girl’s dress?

This is of course also possible! We make dresses especially for boys. So
they can be proud that it is made for thém! In our clothing, the focus
has gone to making this style of clothing more acceptable and making our boys happy!

Do you have the necessary dress sizes?

Is your child between 3 and 12 years old? Or taller than EU size 98cm and smaller than EU size 164-176? Than yes we have!